Calorplast USA fabricates a wide variety of corrosion resistant tanks to meet the needs of various manufacturers. Tanks can be fabricated in rectangular, round, horizontal, cylindrical, and L-shaped configurations. Thermoplastic materials of construction include: polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA and FRP. Thermoplastic/FRP dual-laminate construction is also available.


Thermoplastic Tank Fabrication

Thermoplastic tank construction offers an excellent alternative to steel, stainless steel, rubber lined, and exotic alloys in highly corrosive environments. Calorplast USA tanks are designed and manufactured per the latest engineering standards to withstand years of rigorous use in the metal finishing, plating, and chemical process industries.

Individual tanks can be customer designed to fit any application. Some options that we offer are: threaded or flanged nozzles, internal dividers and baffles, ladders with safety cages, top and side manways, insulation, heat tracing, sight gauges, lifting and hold-down lugs, containment plans, Calorplast immersion heaters, agitator mounts, and dip tubes.

To ensure the highest quality construction and maximize service life, Calorplast USA’s welding personnel are qualified per AWS B2.4, DVS, and ASTM C-1147-14 standards. We utilize the latest computerized design, drafting, thermoforming, and extrusion welding equipment to produce the finest tanks in the industry.

10 Ft Diameter Polypropylene Tank Liner With Dished head

Polypropylene Cylindrical Day Tank

Custom Polypropylene Process Tank

Polypropylene Acid Pickle Tank

Thermoplastic/FRP Dual-Laminate Tank Fabrication

For many tank applications the corrosion resistance of thermoplastics is required along with the structural strength of fiberglass. For these applications the best solution often is to utilize a dual-laminate tank construction.

Dual laminate is a hybrid system made of fiberglass FRP structure outside and specialized thermoplastic or fluoropolymer liner inside.  The thermoplastic liner is permanently bonded to the fiberglass outer structure. The liner is matched to chemical corrosion resistance requirements to optimize longevity including the ability to withstand high temperature requirements or abrasion resistance. Dual-laminates are often the best solution for the harshest chemical tank fabrications. Calorplast USA can fabricate custom dual-laminate tanks to provide a safe and long lasting chemical storage solution

Cut-away of a Dual-Laminate Tank showing the outer fiberglass structural component and the thermoplastic liner

CPVC Dual-Laminate Manhole