The surface treatment of components in the electroplating industry requires precise control of process parameters, such as acid and metal content, and most importantly, temperature control. The quality of the product surface depends on homogeneous temperature control, which is achieved through a reliable and safe heat exchanger.

CALORPLAST USA offers efficient and reliable immersion-type heat exchangers for heating and cooling in the electroplating industry. These heat exchangers operate with warm water, steam or a liquid cooling media, providing a large heat transfer surface in a small space, resulting in optimal temperature control.

For the steel pickling industry, CALORPLAST PVDF heat exchangers are corrosion-resistant and designed to occupy minimum space in the tank, making them ideal for heating inorganic acids, including mixed acids such as hydrofluoric/nitric acid for treatment of steel or titanium.

Our customers benefit from the following:

  • Excellent operational safety
  • Flexible and efficient performance
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Durability

Choose CALORPLAST USA for reliable and efficient heat exchangers that ensure precise temperature control for the surface treatment of components in the electroplating and steel pickling industries.

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