The development of new technologies always involves new challenges, often related to heat transfer.
With its existing portfolio of plastic heat exchangers and with the development of new solutions, CALORPLAST USA is the right partner for implementation of your new innovations.

We offer individual solutions for advanced applications in these and other technologies:


For the cleaning and drying of Biogas, CALORPLAST USA offers gas-water heat exchangers in different  sizes and configurations. The Biogas passes through the main body of the heat exchanger containing a vast number of small water cooled tubes. In this area, the corrosive vapors will be condensed and removed, allowing the combustion equipment to be kept clean and corrosion free.

Renewable Energy

Following the trend of renewable energy,  including wind turbines and solar energy systems, the storage problem of periodically available energy resources has become the focus of many in the  research and development fields.

A solution to this energy storage problem is the use of Vanadium Redox flow batteries.  Incorporating CALORPLAST USA’s battery cooling heat exchangers for liquid and air cooling will vastly improve the performance of your system.

Saltwater Applications

CALORPLAST heat exchangers are the right choice for a broad range of saltwater applications in aquariums, marine applications, air conditioning, etc. Contact us for information on how we can help with your individual requirements.


CALORPLAST heat exchangers are proven in the electronic industry for use in semiconductor production in wet etching processes. Depending on capacity, flowrate and size requirements, closed circuit devices like the tube plate heat exchanger or the tube and shell heat exchanger are recommended.

Innovative solutions for unique problems for:

  • Drying of corrosive biogas
  • Storing alternative energy in redox flow batteries
  • Manufacture of semi-conductors and photovoltaic elements in the electronics industry
  • Saltwater applications in shipbuilding, aquarium maintenance, cooling and air-conditioning

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