Introducing the CALORPLAST thermoplastic shell and tube heat exchanger – an external heat exchanger designed for cooling, heating, condensing or evaporating high-purity media. Our all-plastic heat exchanger features a compact design and a high heat transfer capability thanks to the use of thin-walled, non-fouling tubes.

The tube bundle, with its tube sheets, can be welded or bolted within the shell of the heat exchanger, allowing for the use of various material types for the design. With low pressure drop at approximately 1.45 to 7.25 psi, our heat exchanger is resistant to almost all corrosive media, resulting in low maintenance costs.

Our heat exchangers are also easy to clean with liquids and low-pressure steam (depending on the material used). Trust CALORPLAST for a reliable and efficient heat exchanger solution that meets your specific needs.

Further details:

  • Materials: PE, PVDF, and PFA (Limited designs)
  • Working temperatures: -22 to 284 °F (depending on the material chosen)
  • Working pressure: 45.5 to 232 psi (depending on the material chosen and operating temperature)

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Closed loop external heat exchanger for heating, cooling, condensation or evaporation of corrosive, purified fluids
  • For heating or cooling of fluids or condensation of vapors
  • Customized design
  • 10.75 to 215 ft² heat transfer surface

– Optimal cooling and heating efficiency
– Flexible and compact design
– Fully corrosion resistant
– Safe heat transfer medium
– Best in class flow efficiency
– Over 30 years of experience