CALORPLAST’s all-plastic tube plate heat exchanger is a versatile external shell-and-tube type heat exchanger designed for efficient heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids. Suitable for clean or moderately polluted media, this heat exchanger can be used for heating, cooling, and condensing vapors.

Constructed with corrosion-resistant plastics on both sides, this thermoplastic tube plate heat exchanger finds its applications in various industries such as surface finishing, chemical processing, biogas generation, saltwater aquariums, semiconductor, and pharmaceuticals.

Featuring a unique modular design, individual “tube plates” are combined into a double-walled thermoplastic pressure container and welded without any additional materials. By arranging the tube plates in different alignments, the heat exchanger can handle various flows.

Every CALORPLAST heat exchanger is optimized through a computer-aided simulation for the best configuration to meet your specific requirements at a reasonable price.

Cleaning this heat exchanger is as easy as counter-flushing.

Further details:

  • Materials: PE-RT, and PVDF
  • Working temperatures -22 to 284 °F (depending on the material chosen)
  • Working pressure:  45.5 to 232 psi (depending on the material chosen and operating temperature)

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Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Closed loop external heat exchanger for free flowing liquids, both clean or low contaminated
  • For heating or cooling of fluids or condensation of vapors
  • Compact and completely welded design
  • High heat transfer rates
  • Use of thin walled tubes that minimizes the adhesion of solids
  • 10..75 to 215 ft² heat transfer surface (per column)

– High cooling and heating efficiency
– Flexible and compact design
– Fully corrosion resistant
– Safe heat transfer medium
– Best in class flow efficiency
– Over 30 years of experience