CALORPLAST’s thermoplastic gas-liquid heat exchanger is an essential process device for heat transfer from a gaseous (vapor) medium to a liquid medium. Built from high-quality thermoplastic materials, this heat exchanger is ideal for heat recovery, as well as cooling and heating large gas flows.

Our heat exchanger finds its main applications in a variety of industries, including surface finishing, chemical processes, electronics, and more. It is perfect for energy recovery from corrosive exhaust air, cooling and heating aggressive exhaust gases, ventilation installations, and condensation of vapors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our product range is modular in design, capable of handling gas volume flows up to 90,000 CFM. For gases containing entrained droplets or moisture, our heat exchanger can be fitted with a mist eliminator, along with an internal wash-down system for easy cleaning. The gas-tight casing is fabricated from heavy-walled thermoplastic sheets and contains a condensate collector, reinforcing ribs, and flanges. Trust CALORPLAST for your thermoplastic gas-liquid heat exchanger needs.

Further details:

  • Materials: PE-RT, PP, PVDF
  • Temperature range -22 to 284 °F (depending on the material chosen)
  • Reliable working pressure 45.5 to 232 psi (depending on the material chosen and operating temperature)
  • Optimal contact with the incoming gas flow is achieved by the aerodynamic orientation of the collector tubes in our heat exchanger design.

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Gas cooling/heating/condensing

  • Cooling, heating or drying of corrosive gas flows
  • Condensing and recovery of corrosive or toxic gas components
  • Energy recovery with heat pumps
  • Air cooling/heating of corrosive liquids with waste gas/air


Energy Recovery

  • Energy recovery in industrial HVAC systems
  • Ventilation and heating of factory workshops
  • Central laboratory ventilation systems
  • Ventilation in agricultural applications

– Fully corrosion resistant & sanitary
– High efficiency
– Quick return on investment
– 10-20 year lifetime expectancy
– Over 30 years of experience