Calorplast Evolution Series: The new generation of plastic heat exchangers


Quality matters
For heat transfer equipment in corrosive acids and bases, plastic heat exchangers are the best solution. By using the latest technologies, the Evolution series has made the plastic heat exchanger so versatile and efficient that it can be used in all applications where quality and performance are required.

High efficiency and strong performance
With the worldwide unique Evolution technology, we meet the latest European standards for the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment. This guarantees a quick amortization of your investment in the cooling or heating of air and gases as well as in the heat recovery in recirculation systems.

Long Lasting Performance
With the all plastic design, the tubes will not corrode even in extremely aggressive media. The design utilizes flexible and smooth tubes with a computer designed grid for optimum heat transfer efficiency and minimum pressure drop.

Flexible Design
The Calorplast Evolution series consists of a modular design and is designed as a ready-to-install heat exchanger. The heat exchanger incorporates space-saving lightweight modular components with can be expanded in capacity.

Evolution Series for use in:

-Facility plant ventilation and laboratories

 Process and environmental technology

-Marine, saltwater, well water, and brine applications

-Hybrid coolers, even with critical media

-Food, Agriculture and more


Revolutionary design

– Unique smooth tube design

– The Calorplast Evolution series utilizes a modular design and is designed as a ready-to-install heat exchanger.

– Incorporates space-saving lightweight modular components.

– Offers improved water drainage for condensate and wet gas stream cooling.


Maximum flexibility

– Modular system for all applications and performance classes

– Can be provided as a ready-to-install unit including an integral polyethylene or polypropylene housing.

– Can be provided as a modular system without the casing to integrate into existing systems that already have their duct system.

– Modular design allows for expandability for increased capacity

Heat exchanger modules can be repaired should they ever be damaged in service.

Exceptional performance

– Optimal performance with numerical flow simulation (CFD)

– All plastic design provides durable and fully corrosion resistant performance, even against the most aggressive chemical solutions