Corrosion resistant heat exchangers, steam heating and cooling grid coils and custom plastic fabrication for corrosive media.

Our Products

Plastic immersion-type
heat exchanger

CALORPLAST plastic immersion-type heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling highly concentrated anorganic acids, high-purity media or aggressive…

Plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic gas-liquid heat exchanger is a recuperator for heat transfer from a gaseous medium to a…

Plastic shell and tube heat exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic shell and tube heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger in a classic design for…

Plastic tube plate exchanger

The CALORPLAST plastic tube plate heat exchanger is an external heat exchanger for the heat transfer between low-viscosity fluids…

Efficient solutions for heat utilization from aggressive gases and fluids.

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Heating and cooling systems for tanks and vessels – tried and tested in thousands of applications in the electroplating industry.

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Reliable solutions for clean, safe and efficient heat transfer in manufacturing processes.

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Innovative solutions for individual problems.

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