Solutions for the Chemical Process Industry

In an innovative environment like the chemical process industry, we find many applications in which material flows have to be heated, cooled or condensed.

Along with the amount of heat transfer required, additional factors can play a large role in the selection of materials for heat exchanger construction.  Items such as corrosive properties of the media, pollution levels of the media and regulatory requirements need to also be considered.  Classic metal heat exchangers, even those fabricated from high end alloys, often do not represent the best choice in these cases, particularly in corrosive conditions. High alloy metal heat exchangers are generally made from thinner wall tubing as well which makes them less durable.

CALORPLAST USA offers polymer heat exchangers in all standard designs, with its unique “overmoulding” technology.

Developed especially for the requirements of corrosive substances, CALORPLAST heat exchangers offer clean, safe and efficient heat transfer in many chemical manufacturing processes.

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