Composite Mesh Pad (CMP) scrubbers were developed to control chrome plating tank emissions and meet the EPA MACT standards. In many of these installation, an atmospheric evaporator is also included to recover valuable process dragout and reduce wastewater volume. Until now this would require the purchase of two separate pieces of equipment, multiple motor loads, and increased floorspace requirements.

To combat these problems and provide chrome platers and other CMP scrubber users an economical single installation answer, Calorplast USA, has developed the Chrome-E-Vap™ CMP scrubber. The Chrome-E-Vap™ unit is a high efficiency composite mesh pas fume scrubber complete with an atmospheric evaporator incorporated in the same housing. The CMP section of the scrubber utilizes the same ultra-high efficiency multi-stage engineering pads used in all of our “dry” type scrubbers. These pads, with their proprietary sealing strips and automatic wash down system, will meet the strictest EPA standards including the “New Source MACT Standard”, including state air quality standards and the “California Emission Standard”

The uniqueness of this scrubber shows itself in the integral atmospheric evaporator, resulting in many advantages over conventional separate units.

  • Reduced floor space requirements
  • Elimination of additional flower and ductwork for the evaporator
  • High-efficiency scrubbing of evaporator discharge air
  • Higher evaporation rates due to heat conservation in single enclosure
  • True “closed-loop” system with the ability to return all recovered chrome to the tank
  • Higher scrubbing efficiency due to impingement properties of evaporator sections
  • Single control panel, exhaust motor, and discharge stack to test
  • Longer pad life
Tank ID123
Type of TankHard Chrome PlatingHard Chrome PlatingHard Chrome Plating
Applicable Emission Limit0.015 mg/dscm.128 mg/dscm.01015 dscm
Type if Control TechniqueComposite Mesh Pad SystemComposite Mesh Pad SystemComposite Mesh Pad System
Control System ID #123
Method to Determine CompliancePerfomance TestPerfomance TestPerfomance Test
Test Method FollowedEPA Method 306EPA Method 306AEPA Method 306A
Type and Quantity of HAP EmittedCr .007 mg/dscmCr .00019 mg/dscmCr .0034 mg/dscm

The chart above illustrates the results from state EPA certification test on a 10,000 cfm Chrome-E-Vap™ CMP scrubber used to control tank emissions from a hard chrome roll cylinder application. All test results were run while the evaporator and the process tanks were in operation. Three separate tanks with scrubbers were tested with the tank running at full current load and 140°F temperature.

Chrome-E-Vap™ scrubbers are also useful in controlling air emissions containing sulfuric acid mists, electrolytic nickel mists, alkaline mists, various acid mists, and many other chemistries that produce mist emissions.

Chrome-E-Vap™ scrubbers are available in sizes up to 40,000 cfm with evaporators sized form 2-150 gallons per hour solution rate. Materials of construction available include PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, FRP, and dual-laminate CPVC. Complete control panels with data logging instrumentation are available.

CMP Chrome Scrubber with Integral Evaporator