The CALORPLAST gas-gas heat exchanger is a completely new and innovative process device for heat transfer between two gases. Entirely made from gas tight FRP material, the CALORPLAST composite gas gas heat exchanger allows efficient heat recovery of polluted exhaust gases in highly acidic environments.

With the solid FRP design, we fully eliminate the risk of damaging a corrosion resistant lining and guarantee long term usage of the equipment.

Leading applications are:

– Energy recovery from corrosive fumes and exhaust gases combined with direct preheating of a corresponding air or gas flow, can be used in the chemical process or metal finishing industries.

– Cooling of corrosive waste gases in the chemical industry, waste incineration and sewage sludge treatment, etc.

– Condensation or recycling of polluted vapors and solvents in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

The CALORPLAST composite gas-gas heat exchanger has an outstanding compact and easy to install design, by use of a one-piece housing. It can handle gas flows from 1750 to 6000 CFM at a temperature of 250°F. Higher temperatures can be considered, depending on material and application.

Further details:

  • Material: FRP
  • Operation temperature +250 °F
  • Optimized flow through identical design of the two media sections